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About Us

We coordinate and  provide information about cultural events and social networking as well as useful tips for traveling and living in Japan.

At iNetwork Japan, we believe in the power of knowledge and connection. Our mission is to provide you with valuable insights and resources about Japan’s rich culture while helping build a community of individuals who share an appreciation for Japanese culture.

Join us on this exciting adventure together, celebrating Japan’s vibrant traditions and making connections among like-minded individuals who share a passion for Japan.


Cultural Events

  • Learn about traditional Japanese festivals such as Matsuri, Hanami and Bon Odori, and how to participate.

  • Explore other events including street food festivals and music performances while getting an insider’s view of current Japanese culture.

  • Check out our recommended list of upcoming events in Japan.
Social Networking Party

Social Networking

  • Social events where people can mingle, learn from each other, and make new connections.

  • Gatherings for people who are interested in Japanese culture, making friends, and having discussions on various topics.

  • Online events like language exchanges, cooking classes, or just casual chats, which allow people to connect even if they can’t travel to Japan.
BBQ - Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park

Life in Japan

  • Information on Japanese culture, customs, and etiquette, as well as visa requirements.

  • Tips on finding and renting housing, using transportation, dining out and shopping.

  • Educational and Translation resources for overcoming language barriers.
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